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March 2018


Fit & Healthy Pregnancy Goals

I am now pregnant with baby number 6!! Yay! Due in late October. I have declared that this will be my healthiest and fit pregnancy. Why? I just celebrated my 28th birthday (February 1st) meaning I’m getting older and I am…

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Lifting Up Treehouse, Treeschool

Activities for the Solemnity of Saint Joseph

 The Solemnity of Saint Joseph is only a few days away so I’m here to give you a huge list of resources to make it a special day to celebrate with your kids. Coloring pages Crafts…

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Lifting Up Treehouse


Some pretty exciting things that are starting to happen for Lifting Up Treehouse!!  I have a couple of happy news that I am super stoked to tell you all about.  ONE: I am now making digital downloads to sell and…

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Teaching D'Nealian or Modern Handwriting

Teaching Handwriting

When I first started homeschooling, like most moms, I researched everything. All the different methods and curriculums for every part of learning. For handwriting (if you didn’t know) there are a ton of different styles of handwriting and a ton…

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