I am now pregnant with baby number 6!! Yay! Due in late October. I have declared that this will be my healthiest and fit pregnancy. Why? I just celebrated my 28th birthday (February 1st) meaning I’m getting older and I am on my sixth pregnancy, so it’s important I start maintaining my health. I will be the heaviest I have ever been starting a pregnancy. I gained the most amount of weight with my last pregnancy and I didn’t lose that terribly much postpartum. I really want to start prioritizing my health for myself, my children, and husband. I need to be a better steward of the temple God has blessed me with.


Prior to this pregnancy, I’ve had barely any energy, not just physically but also mentally. Just this constant feeling like I am having to drag myself through the day. I have heard of other women, who have large families as well, that claim to feel good and energized all the time!! They say it’s because they exercise and eat healthily. Well, you know what? I want to feel good, have more energy, and looking good sounds like a nice bonus too.

With all that said, here are my goals for a healthy and fit pregnancy:

  • I am going to start consistently working out.
  • I am going to eat healthier food choices.
  • I am going to try to maintain my weight for the first trimester and try to gain no more than 25lbs.


I will document my journey of pregnancy so you can see my progress and the resources I use to achieve this. Be on the lookout for weekly updates of how I’m feeling, workouts I’m doing, what I’m eating, along with various other pregnancy related topics. 

Did you workout or diet during pregnancy? If so, comment below on your experience.