Hello everyone! As you can see my new website is now LIVE! I hope you enjoy the new look and everything Lifting Up Treehouse has to offer. If you subscribe to the website you will receive this free printable

AMDG – ad mejoram dei gloriam is one of my favorite quotes. All for the greater glory of God by Saint Ignatius of Loyola. This motto has been so inspirational to me and I wanted to make a special printable of this quote to share with my subscribers. I hope you enjoy this printable as much as I do.

Printables will be a new addition to Lifting Up Treehouse. You can find the printable page in the top menu. Please be sure to read my terms of use too. I have a lot of ideas for future printables: chore list, handwriting worksheets, more quotes, and a many more goodies. If there is a type of printable, whether it’s quote, checklist, or any other ideas you would like to see please feel free to comment below or message me.