How to bullet journal

After going through my miscarriage and since I’m near the end of my current bullet journal, it’s time to start a new one. In an attempt to heal emotionally from everything, I am ready to move forward and start looking ahead with life.

I LOVE starting a new bullet journal. It brings me a sense of optimism for the future, a chance to reevaluate my state in life and make (hopefully) positive changes. Today I’m sharing with you my process for starting a new bullet journal.

1. Figure out what your migrating.

When starting a new bullet journal, figuring out what to migrate to the new one from the old one can be a daunting task. My favorite tools to use are the apps Evernote and Scannable. Any important information I need to keep I scan it using Scannable and save it as a pdf in Evernote. It’s super easy! I also save any designs I liked for future reference. Some of the things I saved are passwords, bill tracker, notes for future events, and layouts that I want to do again. Here’s a glimpse of how I save my old information from my old bullet journals:

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Once I scan everything it’s then saved into Evernote. EASY!

2. Plan out how you want to set it up.

When I start my bullet journals, I like to reserve the first few pages for the things that I reference often and don’t really belong in the particular month to month section. Things like my bill tracker, password log, and mass and confession schedules. I usually jot down the things I would like and the number of pages each thing will be. 

In my new bullet journal, I have my index, future log, passwords, and my goal daily schedule.

Little bujo confession: I don’t keep a key page **GASP**…I know almost every other bujo junkie does. Honestly, never really felt a need for one.

I immediately start with an index page then go on to future log. I know this planner is only going to last about 4-6 months but I like having almost a years worth out in my future log.

Here what I have in the beginning part of my bullet journal:

3. Start setting up your planner.

Once I set up the beginning of my bullet journal, I am ready to start planning. I always set a two-page monthly spread then onto to the daily/ weekly spreads. My monthly and daily spreads change constantly. Sometimes I will try to get fancy and pretty with it, other times its messy chicken scratch to just hurry up and get it done. 

I’m starting this bujo in the month of April.

starting a bullet journal

When it comes to my weekly/ daily spread, most of the time I do not write out for a whole week at once. Admittedly, I am not the most consistent with my journal so I like only go day by day. I am making it one of my goals to look and write in my journal daily so maybe writing the whole week out will help. We’ll see how that goes.  

Other things I usually add to my bullet journal are meal plans, weekend/ honey-do lists, plans for events, etc. Here is an example of a weekend to do list and a week’s menu plan.

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My favorite journals I use are Northbooks Notebooks. They are my go-to for notebooks and very comparable to the more expensive popular brand ones I’ve tried but a lot more affordable. I was using this one and now I am using this one.

Well, there you have it! My process for when I start a new bullet journal. Check out my Instagram to see updates on my bullet journaling or my Bullet Journal Pinterest board.


Comment below if you’re a bullet junkie like me and how you like to set up yours! Also, if you enjoyed this post please share.