Lifting Up Treehouse, Treeschool

Activities for the Solemnity of Saint Joseph

 The Solemnity of Saint Joseph is only a few days away so I’m here to give you a huge list of resources to make it a special day to celebrate with your kids. Coloring pages http://www.catholicplayground.com/category/coloring/ http://www.waltzingm.com/2014/02/st-joseph-coloring-page.html http://www.catholicicing.com/st-joseph-free-printable-coloring-book/ http://www.thecatholickid.com/saint-joseph-coloring-page/ Crafts…

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Lifting Up Treehouse

My Goals for 2018

Happy New Year everyone! I usually don’t make new year resolutions. The pessimistic part of me has been sort of anti new year resolutions. I view it as setting yourself up for failure in a way. Don’t get me wrong,…

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