Avoid picky eaters

I have a few kids who are extremely picky eaters and I mean PICKY. I am honestly surprised that they are alive and actually pretty healthy because of how picky they are. Anybody who has had a picky eater knows it can be very frustrating, so I have been really conscious of what I give my subsequent children to eat and in avoiding another picky eater.

My oldest is my pickiest eater and then the rest gradually became better eaters. Bradley is so limited in what he eats and it wasn’t until this year he started eating a hotdog (which is the only meat product he will eat other than a McDonald’s nugget). Although he is pretty good about trying different foods, it can be a huge pain in making sure he’s fed. This is why I was so determined to avoid future picky eaters. Today I am sharing with you some tips I have found to be the most helpful in avoiding picky eaters.

tips to avoid picky eaters

  1. Keep introducing all different types of food even if they don’t like it the first time.
  2. Don’t be afraid to give flavor or some spice. PLAIN IS BORING! A fire hot chicken wing probably isn’t the best choice to give a small child but garlic bread or a well-seasoned fish/ chicken is okay.  
  3. Establish a mealtime routine. Kids generally thrive on routine and making consistent mealtimes help with kids eating habits. 
  4. Don’t have any distractions. Have mealtime a time for only eating. It’s not good to have tv, games, or toys while trying to establish good eating habits because it is distracting.
  5. Let them play and make a mess. If they do start playing with their food, let them! It’s totally okay if they start playing with their food and make a mess. It’s good for their sensory and it allows them to get familiar with their food. A little mess is a lot easier to handle than getting into the routine of stressful mealtimes.
  6. Let them feed themselves. Ignatius LOVES using his big boy utensils. He eats a lot more when he has total control of feeding himself. It’s also great for their motor skills. We purchased for only a couple bucks each a pack of bowls, plates, and utensils from Ikea. They are our favorite kids’ dinnerware. 
  7. Be an example: Model the majority of these tips. Don’t use the phone or watch tv when you eat, show how you like to try a variety of food, and show how much you enjoy the food you eat. 

Tips for picky eaters

Have you ever dealt with a picky eater? Comment below with your parenting woes of having a picky eater or with any advice you have for dealing with it. If you liked this post please pin/ share!